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Really simple 2-player 2D platform shooter. My first game jam (and second experience with GameMaker), so don't expect too much. The objective is to shoot the other player before time runs out. If you manage to do so, you gain a point. If both players fail to do this within the time limit, they both lose 1 point. Every stage is full of traps and obstacles to make reaching the other player within the time limit harder. Stages are randomized.

Examples of dual-purpose design in "Self-Destruct":

  • Countdown: Forces players to fight instead of camping, and makes sure rounds don't last too long and stay fun.
  • Shooting: The primary tool to kill the other player, but also useful for destroying certain walls and activating traps.
  • Ammo packs: The players have only 2 bullets. If you run out you can grab an ammo pack to get your bullets back. Also forces players into conflict, because players will be drawn towards the ammo pack.
  • Breakable walls: Make it harder for the players to reach and kill eachother in the time period, and they waste bullets.
  • Explosive thingamajigs: Can kill players if they're caught up in the explosion, but its main purpose is to waste bullets.
  • Lazers: Block your path, and are able to kill you.

Tools and resources used:

Install instructions

Download the thing and double-click it. 


Self-Destruct 41 MB